Voice students are accepted on an audition basis only from the age of 12 and older. Voice students are instructed on the following:

  • Proper and effective breathing techniques
  • How to recognize and improve tone and pitch
  • How to maintain an even timbre throughout the passaggio
  • How to control tone, regardless of the register
  • Proper enunciation techniques

Voice students also have the opportunity to have themselves recorded professionally at the beginning of the year and periodically throughout the year to monitor their progress and to personally hear where they need improvement. From Opera, Broadway, Sacred music to Country, you have the ability to work on your genre of choice (as well as others to broaden your versatility) and learn PROPERLY without causing damage to your voice.

Voice students have the option of annually participating in the National Federation of Music Clubs Festival in either Vocal Solo Art competition or Vocal Solo Musical Theater. Please let me know if your student is interested in participating in this. It is a closed competition with only one judge. The student competes only against him/herself and on their own merits.