Wachter Music teaches beginning to advanced cello and beginning to intermediate violin.

Students will be assessed and placed in the appropriate theory and lesson books based on their skill level to expand their knowledge and skill on the instrument. They will also be taught music theory, notation and note reading.

String students have the option of annually participating in the National Federation of Music Clubs Festival at LSU. Please let me know if your student is interested in participating in this. It is a closed competition with only one judge. The student competes only against himself/herself and on their own merits.

Students are encouraged to audition for the Louisiana Youth Orchestras. An educational component of the Baton Rouge Symphony, elementary, middle  and high school level students are welcome to audition if their school does not already have an orchestra in place. Auditions for the youth orchestras is held annually in August, but periodically accept students throughout the year on a case-by-case/need basis. I would be happy to work with your student throughout the audition process and throughout the year if they are invited to participate.

Wachter Music is proud to have had students participating in the Louisiana Youth Orchestras since 2009.