String Ensemble

String Theory 2017-2018 members after rehearsal

String Theory is a non-profit community youth string ensemble consisting of students who are passionate about sharing their gift of music. Wachter Music and other studios are seeking to fulfill the cultural needs of their community and to expand the number of benefit performance opportunities for their string students.

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There is little opportunity for string students to participate at non-paying gigs for performance experience. We look to change that in the years to come, and become more of a visible presence in the community.

String Theory is broken up into two groups: Junior String Theory and Senior String Theory. Both groups are continually learning new ensemble pieces to add to their repertoire.

The Double Stop Quartet is a spin-off of Senior String Theory and comprised of Intermediate to Advanced students who wish to further their studies and performance opportunities. The Quartet performs additional pieces, commit to weekly rehearsals and perform at other functions in addition to String Theory performances.

Wachter Music is also a strong supporter of the Baton Rouge Youth Orchestras and encourages all of their students to prepare and audition for LJSE (elementary school group), LJYO (middle school group - full orchestra) or LYO (high school/college group - full orchestra) in the fall. Wachter Music students have been participating in one or more of the three Baton Rouge Symphony youth orchestras for ten consecutive seasons.

Cello Trio 2017-2018: Miah, John and Christian