Virtual Lessons


Virtual lessons are conducted through password protected Zoom meetings. Accounts are free. You will need a solid internet connection. If your connection is marginal, check that your family members are not hogging the bandwidth. Webcams have built-in microphones which seem to work just fine, so an additional microphone is not necessary. Once your lessons have been scheduled on the calendar I will email the particulars to you.


I have experience with and have been offering virtual lessons to my students for many years, both domestically and internationally. Virtual lessons are easy, accessible, and will prevent a disruption in the student’s music education. Information and examples on how to set this up and make it possible are included on the next page. Many of my families have come up with some fantastic methods of virtually capturing what I would normally see in a physical lesson. You may recognize some of these smiley faces!

Piano Students

On the following pages, the photos in the LEFT column show the setup the student is using, and the photos on the RIGHT is what I see. The webcam should be positioned above the student shooting down so I can see their hands clearly on the screen (so I’m not guessing on which finger positions they’re using on their pieces).

Many parents are concerned that they don’t have the “right” equipment. I have been so impressed with the inventive setups that are completely workable. The following pages show MANY examples of how to set up for virtual lessons. See picture descriptions for what the students are using. Headphones are suggested to avoid feedback, but not required (gamer headphones are good enough…don’t need anything fancy).

Microsoft Word - Virtual Lesson Guide.docx
Microsoft Word - Virtual Lesson Guide.docx

String Students

Microsoft Word - Virtual Lesson Guide.docx