The piano is a great place to start, whether a music student chooses to study other instruments or stay with it. With piano, a student can focus on learning to read music rather than struggling with difficult technique.

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One of the most viable careers in music performance revolves around playing classical strings, in orchestral, string-quartet, or other settings. Read more if your ambitions point toward learning a challenging stringed instrument.

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Voice students learn how to spread their wings and fly by learning breath control, diction, pitch, and other key components to being a proficient singer. Read more.

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Music Theory

Music theory is very important for those wishing to read and play music. All lessons include comprehensive Music Theory commensurate with the musician's exposure to music.

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Virtual Lessons

For students unable to travel for traditional lessons, Virtual Lessons via Skype are being taken on a case-by-case basis for piano, violin, cello, and music theory.

String Theory Ensemble

String Theory is our very own performing string ensemble. Your string student has the option of participating in the Junior or Senior String Theory group.

I'm interested in music lessons...now what?

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